A Transporting Performance

“How To Get High” is an experiment: using shamanic techniques, two dancers attempt to attain ecstasy onstage. With no protection and propelled by trance-like, repetitive music, they let themselves fall into atmospheric landscapes of light. The performance can turn out emotional and wild, yet turn inwards and become still again. Little is foreseeable.

This desired state is comparable to a drug trip. Colours emerge, permeated by images and warmth. In this state the body seems to move of its own accord. No constraint or pressure, only free will, resulting in a choreography of the unconscious.

This is an experience of the senses, an invitation to the audience members to join us on this journey, immerse themselves in another dimension and to awaken a sense of freedom and exhilaration – perhaps even beyond.

Duration: ca. 60 minutes
Technical Rider


Concept: Irina Lorez | Dance performance: Irina Lorez & I-Fen Lin | Coaching for expansion of consciousness: Sarah Barmettler | Light installation: Florian Bach & Leticia Skrycky | Music production: Domenico Ferrari | Conceptual assistance: Patrick Müller | Dramaturgic Assistance: Ayako Kato | Auge von Aussen: Marisa Godoy | Production: La Société émue in coproduction with Südpol Luzern

Supported by:

Kanton Luzern Kulturförderung SWISSLOS, Stadt Luzern/Fuka-Fonds, RKK Region Luzern, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, Kanton Zug, Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft der Stadt Luzern, SisterCities Luzern Chicago, Theater Burgbachkeller Zug, Stadt Zug, Migros Kulturprozent